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Nestle announces layoffs at Gaffney facility

About 40 workers are affected

Nestle Factory Manager Pat Monaghan today announced in an e-mailed news release a workforce adjustment at the company’s Gaffney production facility.
Approximately 40 individuals will be affected by the layoff.
The company said it is responding to economic challenges which are affecting the frozen food category and include increased prices for its ingredients including meat, dairy and grains as well as changing consumer purchase behavior.
“Consumers have become more frugal, competition remains heated and the economy is still struggling. Added together, this impacts our business and is the main reason we have had to take this action. While it’s unfortunate, it is necessary,” said Monaghan.
Nestlé employs more than 1,100 people in Gaffney.
Nestlé officials said they will further evaluate whether there will be an opportunity for these employees to be recalled to work by the end of December.

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