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Feels like mayor violated his rights as a Gaffney citizen

Dear Editor:

A lot of people wonder why I was so upset at last Tuesday night’s city council meeting. They told me I was all over the mayor.

Well, the reason why is that I felt like the mayor violated my rights as a citizen of Gaffney.

I was against the ordinance prohibiting smoking in Gaffney in certain places. About four or five months ago, the city council had voted to prohibit smoking in the City of Gaffney. Before that meeting, I went and put my name (on the agenda) to be heard before city council. You have to put your name and reason to speak before city council on Wednesday before noon to be heard on that following Monday night’s meeting.

People told me I had a lot to do with that smoking ordinance getting voted down. The mayor was very upset with the outcome of that vote.

So last month the mayor decided to have another vote on the smoking ordinance, because one of the council members decided to change his vote. So on Friday before last month’s council meeting, he notified the news media there was going to be another vote on the smoking ordinance. Now he knew two or three weeks before council meeting that there was going to be another vote on the smoking ordinance. I feel like he gave it out on that Friday to the news media before that Monday night council meeting and vote to prevent me from talking at council’s meeting. He didn’t want anybody from the public changing any council member’s vote. I feel he did that intentionally to prevent me from talking.

To me, that violated my rights as a citizen to speak up as well as any other citizen’s right. We don’t need a elected official like that denying a citizen’s right to talk for or against a ordinance.

I have asked city council to make a ordinance to prevent that from happening again.

To me the mayor, city council members or any other elected official has to be for all citizens, not just for one certain group.

But as the mayor stated in the paper four or five months ago, “People don’t know what they need, government has to tell them what they need.”


Thank you,
Earl Horn
Gaffney, SC

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