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Too much of a good thing? I don’t think so
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I suppose we can all take a deep breath and relax now that we have survived the holidays.

The food, the friends, the family, the festivities, the football … all good, but one tends to get a bit worn down.

“Too much of a good thing” (from Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’ ) can be bad for you.

Actually, “thing,” as you might expect from Shakespeare, had a rather bawdy meaning in this sense, but ours is a family publication so I’ll just stick with “thing” meaning any or all of the items listed above.

Sherry did so much cooking during the past two weeks that I expect it will be February before I get another home-cooked meal, unless leftovers are considered ‘home-cooked.’

She tried several new dishes based on recipes she saw shared on the Internet and one that Wayne Phillips persuaded her to try while they were discussing greens at the grocery store.

She’s always ‘doctored up’ the canned variety, but Wayne shamed her into trying his recipe using fresh greens. Sherry spent several hours in the kitchen Monday making the greens and I must say they were darn good. Don’t know that I liked them better than the canned ones, but they were good.

She also spent most of Sunday slaving over a hot stove cooking a standing rib roast — this recipe was from the web.

It was outstanding … Sunday night, Monday night and probably tonight. It was a little bigger than she thought.

Our daughters Katie and Abbie got into the act Christmas morning making French toast cinnamon buns.

I found this recipe and shared it with them, hoping it would be made.

I love anything with cinnamon and sugar and these things had plenty of both. They were very similar to the clusters Chick-fil-A used to have. Shellie Leary, I am still upset they are no longer on the menu.

I did my part, too. I got a Sub Station II takeout tray from Smitty Cook for Christmas Eve. And that’s not all. I fried a turkey for Thanksgiving and a turkey and turkey breast for Christmas.

I went the extra mile for the Christmas morning fry. Something I’ve never done — that I can remember. I went to the store in my slippers. Now I understand that’s quite a common sight at Walmart, but at least I did not wear my pajamas. Why did I leave the house on Christmas Eve at 8:30?

You know how when something, anything, is planned for the next day and you start thinking of all that could go wrong?

About 8:15, I began wondering if I had enough oil to cook the turkey and breast. That’s crucial for turkey frying. So I made a quick run to DG in hopes they would have a couple of gallons of oil — just in case. And they did! I won’t continue to bore you with descriptions of all the food I consumed from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, but I’m willing to bet most of you could recite quite a list yourselves.

Having our children and grands in the house for Christmas was a good thing, and certainly not too much of it. It is, however, quite exhausting. Being a grandparent has given me a new perspective on parenting. It takes a LOT of energy.

We don’t go to a lot of Christmas parties, but a few were attended this year. Some I went to and some I was the ‘Uber’ driver.

‘Christmas Is For Kids’ was the biggie and always is for me. Add our family get-together in Columbia and that would be enough for this homebody.

There was a wedding, a dinner party in York, a pajama party (I was the driver), dinner with friends, Christmas lights tour, breakfast with Santa at the museum and a couple of other affairs that got me out of the house.

But I survived and enjoyed every minute.

Somehow I found time to watch a lot of college bowl games. There were 40 to choose from and I’m pretty sure I saw at least part of 35 of them. The ones I enjoy the most are the ones my Gamecocks are NOT playing in. I get too nervous, although not as bad as I once was. Still, enough so that my wife does not like to be in the same room when I’m watching the ‘Cocks.

Since I’m usually alone during these games, I have begun making comments and game commentary on Facebook. Armchair quarterbacking. I’ve been told (by my wife) that I need to quit doing that as sometimes I get a bit carried away.

My Christmas season — and the entire year for that matter — was filled with good things, filled I tell you. Too much? No way. Just right and I hope yours was as well.

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!” — Mae West

Cody Sossamon (cody@gaffneyledger.com) is publisher of The Gaffney Ledger.

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