No new home starts here last month

There was no celebration following this record – especially by local homebuilders. There were no new home starts in the city or county in October, representing a first for the home building sector. The news is even more alarming when contrasted with the 12 new home starts in the county in October 2007. With October’s housing figures in the mix, […]

Brock will present her CASE today

Sissy Brock will hope to make her CASE for Waste Management’s proposed recycling center and landfill at today’s Cherokee County Council meeting. Brock is a co-chairman of Cherokee Advocates for a Strong Environment and Economy, a pro- Waste Management group that goes by the acronym C.A.S.E. The group was formed earlier this month, according to its organizers, to convince county […]

Phone scammers target bank accounts

A local woman knew something wasn’t right Thursday as soon as the smooth-talking man on the other end of the telephone opened his mouth. “This is Randy from the bank,” he told the woman without ever mentioning his full name or the bank he represented. He then went on with a spiel about how “the bank” was changing computers or […]

38 Days ’til Christmas.

Local merchants have the best values.

2008-11-17 E-Edition