Do as I say, not as I did?

My 6-year-old son — who just entered first grade — now has homework. As a responsible parent, I’m supposed to support this concept and dutifully encourage him to complete the required tasks, pretending that I wholeheartedly endorse the idea of students being sent home with schoolwork. I’m to maintain this pose over the next 12 years as the workload increases […]


Every vote counts; so go cast yours

The devil you know is sometimes better than the devil you don’t know. The silly season finally comes to an end with the general election Nov. 2. The emails which attempt to set the record straight and the “he said-she said” commentary by candidates will fade in the background as the reality of governing replaces election season campaigning. I hope […]

Political Cartoon

Exit exam scores rise sharply

Nearly four out of five Cherokee County students passed the state’s high school exit exam on their first attempt in 2010, according to results released Thursday by the state Department of Education. The Cherokee County School District saw a dramatic increase this year in the number of high school students passing both sections of the exit exam. During their first […]

Officials trying to determine status of Limestone College’s ‘Fort House’

For the first time in decades, passers-by have an unobstructed view of a picturesque 2-story, brick and vinyl dwelling that has an unattached 2- car garage and upstairs living quarters. However, one thing remains obscured about the newly-renovated property at 505 Overbrook Drive — if the structure complies with building codes. According to Cherokee County Building Official Chuck Bobo, the […]


It’s Saturday in Blacksburg; up to parents in Gaffney

Hope you have your costumes ready … Halloween is near. The official date of the holiday marked by children going from door to door in hope of a delicious treat, is Sunday. However, count on most trick-or-treaters to come ringing doorbells Saturday rather than the date it is typically observed — Oct. 31. “It is kind of an unwritten Southern […]

NO. 1

Local Relay effort earns top spot

For some time, local Relay for Life organizers have held the belief no one supports finding a cure for cancer quite like Cherokee County. Now, two banners back up their assessment. Following last year’s effort in which area residents helped Cherokee County earn top national honors after raising $271,932 toward finding a cure for cancer, local Relay for Life advocates […]

The Messengers highlight concert at Cherokee Ave. Baptist Church

Cherokee Avenue Baptist Church will present The Messengers from Blacksburg in worship through music on Sunday, Oct. 31, at 6:30 p.m. The tight-harmony group features a trio of singers with a lively piano player. Although the primary purpose of their music is to express their personal beliefs regarding Christian life, their performances have entertainment value as well. They all dress […]