Operator of park ride said ‘he knew better than to drive the train that fast’

The operator of the popular children’s ride “Sparkles” at Spartanburg’s Cleveland Park told authorities he was going too fast in the moments prior to the miniature train derailing Saturday afternoon. The accident claimed the life of a 6- year-old Gaffney boy and left many more people injured. According to an incident report released Tuesday by the Spartanburg Public Safety Department, […]

Sheriff, police chief will speak at courthouse prayer vigil

In light of recent acts of violence around Cherokee County, a recently formed organization of concerned local residents are taking their issues to local authorities as well as a higher power. The Cherokee County Coalition, a group made up of civic, political and faith-based leaders in the county’s Black community, will host a community prayer vigil Thursday designed to raise […]



Legislation that’s long overdue for significant retooling

The No Child Left Behind Act’s title expresses a worthy goal — assuring that every American child has access to a good education. But nearly a decade after that landmark legislation passed with the bipartisan backing of Republican President George W. Bush and Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy, it is long overdue for significant retooling. Fortunately, that effort has widespread support […]


This won’t hurt much

How come it is that doctors are less than truthful about what we might expect from an upcoming surgery? Maybe it isn’t so much ‘less than truthful’ as it is “I don’t really know what you’re going to go through because I haven’t experienced it myself.” I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee a couple of decades ago and […]


Praying on the boulevard

It is often said that “Prayer changes things.” Making sure the saying had not become common cliche, hundreds of youths from local churches linked hand in hand and raised any of an assortment of prayer requests to the heavens, knowing God can make a way. Typically a field day for local youths participating in the annual IMPACT! Weekend held by […]

Request will be considered by county council

For the second time, Gaffney Little League Football President Ray Head asked Cherokee County Council to recommend a change in state law that would result in Cherokee County Council overseeing the budget of the Cherokee County Recreation District. For the second straight time, council members told Head they would consider his request as information. During his short speech Monday, Head […]

Japanese company president confident his nation will recover

Lost in the aftermath of the horrific earthquake and tsunami that devastated the coast of northeastern Japan’s main island last week is a history which has stood the test of time. Speaking through a translator at his company offices in Gaffney, Suminoe Textile America President Satoru Kuninaka points to the longevity of the Horyuji temple near his hometown in Nara […]

2nd man charged in double murders

A 21-year-old Drucilla Drive man has become the second person arrested in connection with a Jan. 19 double homicide on West Buford Street. On Monday afternoon, detectives from the Gaffney Police Department took Jomiltron Sentell Fair into custody at a Sycamore Street home and subsequently served him with arrest warrants charging him with two counts of murder and first-degree burglary. […]