Fireworks issue tops city agenda

Will Gaffney City Council ban the discharge of fireworks even though a state attorney general’s advisory opinion suggests it would violate state law? City residents will learn the answer today. Council members are expected to discuss the law after city attorney Fulton Ross presents his report on the advisory opinion near the end of the council agenda. According to sources […]


Store claims iPhones were not returned

A West Floyd Baker Boulevard cell phone store has filed four complaints with the Gaffney Police Department alleging four similar incidents in which local residents failed to return pricey Apple-brand iPhone 4 smart phones after breaking their service contracts. In all four cases, the complaints filed on behalf of Verizon, allege the people who broke their contracts kept not one […]

‘Take Back’ effort results in ‘phenomenal amount’ of drugs collected

Nearly 50 pounds of prescription drugs, many of them the type that cause the most problems for law enforcement, are guaranteed never to hit the streets as a result of last weekend’s Prescription Drug Take Back event in Cherokee County. Sheriff Steve Mueller reported Friday that his office, along with helpers from the Cherokee County Commission on Alcohol and Drug […]


Every bird is goofy some of the time

For those folks who are of the “do-it-yourself” nature, surely you delight in making — dare we say — CREATING things. Be warned! In this lifestyle there is possible failure which produces frustration. — If you bake a pan of cornbread, and your kids use it as a Frisbee®, or, — If you make chili for the chili cookoff and […]


Boy, am I hungry

Scientists say we, as a nation, are overweight. They pull no punches. They say this is serious. They say we eat too much, don’t exercise enough and are very unattractive when we wear anything spandex. They say we have lumpy fat wads in places where we didn’t even used to have places. I don’t know how the scientists came to […]

DHEC to hold hearing on proposed nuclear plant

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) officials will present details on wastewater discharge associated with the proposed nuclear plant. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 17, at Restoration Church of Gaffney. Rita Sipe, spokesperson for Duke Energy, said the meeting is part of the company’s ongoing permitting process. DHEC’s community liason Donna Rowe said the meeting […]


Construction expected to begin soon

A national chain is expected to soon begin construction on its newest store. Gaffney Zoning Administrator Tony Lavender said developers have closed on the properties for the new Dollar General Market store to be located near Limestone and East Third streets. According to information from the Cherokee County Tax Assessor’s Office, a parcel near an alley sold for $90,000, while […]