Droves of shoppers flood stores to buy tax-free bargains

Parking spots were a valued commodity this weekend as vehicles circled local businesses hoping for the opportunity to come across one. Apparently thousands of shoppers had the same idea, seizing upon the bargains available as part of this year’s taxfree holiday on purchases related to the arrival of a new school year. “Some things are just worth waiting on,” said […]

‘You wouldn’t want to drink the water’


At a public hearing at Thursday’s Cherokee County Council meeting, a man expressed concern the county’s current method to remove the groundwater contamination at the county’s closed solid waste landfill is harming the value of adjacent properties. Beginning in 1993, the county installed wells to monitor groundwater contamination at the landfill. The county uses a process known as “natural attenuation” […]

County employs 11 who are paid more than $50K

Take this to the bank — no county employee is paid more than Chief Magistrate Robert “Bart” Howell. Howell earns $78,024.88 annually, including a $600 allowance, according to salary information requested under the Freedom of Information Act. Two other judges also make more than $50,000 a year. Probate Judge Josh Queen takes home $63,990.08, which also includes a $600 allowance, […]

Taylor, Keller highest-paid City of Gaffney employees

Appropriately enough, Gaffney City Administrator James Taylor is the highest-paid city employee, earning $79,734 a year. City engineer Scott Keller is close behind, earning an annual salary of $74,202. Only three other city employees join Taylor and Keller in earning $50,000 or more a year, according to information provided by city officials under the state Freedom of Information Act. Gaffney […]

BHS has large increase in students passing exit exam

Gaffney High has modest increase in passers on first attempt

A renewed focus on reading helped Blacksburg High achieve a 10-point increase in the number of 10thgraders who passed the exit exam on their first attempt this year. High school students must pass the English and math sections of the High School Assessment Program (HSAP) in order to graduate. The exit exam is given to students during their second year […]


Angels and little people stolen from Stacy Drive yard

A thief or thieves walked away with an estimated $500 worth of garden statues from a Stacy Drive yard July 31. According to the Gaffney Police Department, a total of 18 garden statues, among them rabbits, angels and little people, were taken from a property in the 100 block between midnight and 5 p.m. l A hit-and-run driver fled a […]


On the Chick-fil-A front of the Culture War

Two weeks ago, Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A, an Atlanta company famous for its juicy chicken sandwiches, appeared on “The Ken Coleman Show” to air his biblical belief that those who champion same-sex marriage are risking divine retribution upon us all. “We are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, ‘We know […]


Hey you, drop that rabbit!

Critters. I’m all in favor of live and let live. That’s my rule. I say if they don’t bother me, then I won’t bother them. Unless, of course, the critter is a snake, in which case there’s going to have to be a REALLY, REALLY good reason (like it’s a magic snake that grants me three wishes) to not make […]

Political Cartoon

Councilman proposes Transfer Court to help alleviate overcrowding at detention center

Cherokee County Councilman Mike Fowlkes suggested the establishment of Transfer Court here as a solution to the overcrowding at the county’s detention center. Department of Corrections inspectors found as many as 20 deficiencies, most of them relating to a lack of bed space at the detention center. The county has until Oct. 16 to submit a plan to correct the […]