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To the citizens of Cherokee County Council District 2. My name is Bill Blanton and I am seeking the county council district 2 seat currently held by Mike Fowlkes. I’m a lifelong resident of Cherokee County and I live in the Grassy Pond community, and I am also a member of Grassy Pond Baptist Church.


I worked for the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office for more than thirty seven years in which the last twenty years I proudly served as Sheriff. After retiring from the Sheriff’s Office, I was hired to be the interim County Administrator. I served in that position for eight months until County Council hired a permanent administrator.

During these periods, I gained valuable knowledge and experience in the operation of county government. This involved preparing county-wide budgets for all departments, personnel issues, millage rates and tax collections, and procedures for spending tax dollars, just to mention a few.

If elected, I would work to improve our roads and infrastructure and keep our taxes low. I would encourage council to ensure that all county employees salaries meet or exceed that of comparative counties our size so we can keep the best employees here in Cherokee County. I would also work to get our emergency departments and first responders the funds they need to protect and serve the citizens of Cherokee County. This is vital to the safety and security of our families and communities in Cherokee County.

Cherokee County is experiencing growth like we have never seen before. But this growth must be managed properly and tax dollars spent wisely.

I will work to make Cherokee County a great place to live, work and play.

I seek your support and prayers in the June primary election.

– Bill Blanton


As a lifelong resident of District 2, I am asking for your VOTE in the primary election on June 14th. I am Delisa Q Coggins, and I am married to Steve Coggins. We have two children and 2 grandchildren. In April 1991, I was hired by Cherokee County as one of the original 911 dispatchers. In 1997 I was honored to become the 911 Director where I held that position until accepting a new job as Special Projects Coordinator in the Finance Department in 2013. I retired April 2019 with the County and continued to work there until December 2020. I accepted a position at the City of Chesnee as clerk/treasurer. I am also honored to serve as a tax board member with the Cherokee Creek Volunteer Fire Department.


Working in local government as an employee most of my adult life, there are several issues that are very important to me. I am an avid county employee advocate; without county employees we could not have a county government. Therefore, council should always consider doing what is best for future, current and retirement employees. Public Safety in our county is vital; the safety of our elderly and children is a must. I strongly support Fire Departments, Law Enforcement, EMS, E911 Dispatchers, Animal Control and all the Court Systems and every county department that makes Cherokee County run daily.

Litter Control/Enforcement is a high priority to keep this county clean! As a County, we need to create special incentive programs to insure we keep this county as clean as possible. Our current and future residents deserve a beautiful, clean place to call home. We should all be able to feel proud when visitors come to Cherokee County.

Infrastructure in this county is also something that must be brought up to standards using whatever funds that we can obtain using local, state, and federal funding. With the county expanding out of our control; roads, bridges, water, and sewer must keep up with the growth. Our current road conditions are in poor shape and as a county we have got to repair and maintain what we already have.

In closing, I am not a politician, I am a resident just like you that pays taxes. I want to make a difference in District 2 and Cherokee County bringing in new fresh ideas to the council. If elected to serve as your County Councilwoman of District 2, I will work for you, the citizen, to make Cherokee County a great place to live.



I would like to thank Mike Fowlkes for his many years of service to our county. I consider it an honor to seek his seat in this upcoming election.

I am Jeff Finley. I am 39 years old. My wife Heather and I have two children, Payton, 12, and Kipp, 9. We are members of Mountain View Baptist Church in Cowpens. I am the owner of the Jiggy Pig on Cherokee Ave. Some of the hardest working people in the state reside in Cherokee County and I consider myself one of them.

I am a political outsider which means no one owns me or controls me. I promise that a vote for Jeff Finley on June 14, 2022 will be a WIN for every working class individual in the county. I am deeply humbled by the outpouring of support that people have already shown me and I don’t take it lightly. All I ever hear is average people need to run for office. Here’s your chance to send an average man to go to work for you. Thank you and God Bless!


My name is Frannie Stockwell. I am a native of Cherokee County. My husband Greg and I have three beautiful children Emily, Erica, and Dylan. I am choosing to serve Cherokee County and district 2. I am looking forward to hearing the needs and concerns from Cherokee County citizens. My goal is to evaluate those needs and concerns to find a solution that will contribute to the growth of Cherokee County.


My primary focus is working together with partners, citizens, businesses, and other organizations to progress Cherokee County into the future. Establishing, building, and maintaining relationships is important in becoming successful and we as elected officials can not do it without you, the citizens of Cherokee County.

The need to continue building infrastructure to support our economy is essential for economic development and growth. This ultimately creates growth for our community and boosts our economy bringing new businesses and tourists to Cherokee County.

Education and recreation are two of the top concerns here in Cherokee County. To have top-notch education it is imperative to work together, build and maintain relationships with school officials, local colleges, and others. We can help by looking for possible funding opportunities that may be available to our education systems and evaluate our current educational revenue streams to see where we can improve.

Diverse recreational activities are needed in Cherokee County. Not only recreation for youth, but recreation for adults, seniors, and families. Recreation that includes multiple aspects such as sports, entertainment, and arts, contributing to the physical and mental health of all.

I would appreciate your support and your vote. Your vote is your voice, and I would love the honor of being an active voice for district 2 and all of Cherokee County.

See you at the polls!

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