Gaffney, SC

I-85 ‘CHUTE’ EXTENDEDFree Access

The ‘Chute’ has expanded.

The single-lane section of I-85 surrounded by concrete barriers that has become a nightmare for motorists now stretches approximately 10 miles, from mile marker 91 to 81 in the southbound lanes, according to the I-85 widening project website.

Backups in the ‘Chute’ have become a near daily occurrence since it was put in place in late 2020.

In early May, motorists traveling in the inside lane of the ‘Chute’ were stuck for nearly seven hours while first responders worked to clear several accidents.

SCDOT officials put measures in place to alleviate traffic backups when accidents occur.

Throughout the 10-mile ‘Chute,’ there are four 150-foot moveable gate systems to assist traffic flow.

Work on the ‘Chute’ is expected to be completed by the end of the year, SCDOT Deputy Secretary for Engineering Leland Colvin said during a March meeting.

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