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South Carolina residents lose $42 million to cyber crimesFree Access

The FBI released its annual 2021 Internet Crime Report today, which revealed more than $42.7 million in losses to South Carolinians due to reported cyber crimes last year.
The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), which is responsible for publishing the report, fielded complaints from 5,426 victims in the state. The top three scheme categories with the largest financial losses were business email compromise ($17.2 million), confidence/romance scams ($6.8 million), and tech support scams ($4.6 million). The senior population continues to be impacted most by scams; the data shows victims 60 and older lost the most money to scams with $15.7 million in losses. The full FBI report shows victims lost $6.9 billion in 2021, a $2.7 billion increase from 2020. Business email compromise, investment scams, and confidence/romance scams accounted for the top three categories with the largest financial losses. The IC3 analyzes and investigates reporting to track the trends and threats from cyber criminals and then shares the data with intelligence and law enforcement partners. Not only does this reporting help to prevent additional crimes, but it also allows the FBI to develop key insights on the ever-evolving trends and threats faced from malign cyber actors. The FBI encourages victims to file a complaint with the IC3 if they believe they have
been the victim of an internet crime, or if they want to file on behalf of another person, who they believe has been a victim. Early reporting allows the FBI to be effective in ensuring consequences are imposed on those perpetrating these attacks and helps to understand these threats more completely. To see the full report, as well as state reports, visit

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