2021-04-09 E-Edition

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Although a vehicle was nearly completely crushed in a Wednesday morning crash on Interstate 85, there were only minor injuries reported. The crushed vehicle was being towed by a motorhome driving slowly uphill near the 91 mile marker around 11:20 a.m. when a 29-year-old from West Columbia, S.C., driving a 2018 Penske box truck, struck the vehicle in the rear, […]


Today’s Ledger is dedicated to Jimmy Dorman, who died Monday while delivering papers. Jimmy has been a valued member of The Ledger family for 25 years. We will miss him. Below is a tribute to him written by his brother, David:

James Clayton Dorman 4-3-1972 / 4-5-2021 Jimmy’s mama was 38 when she had Jimmy and her oldest child was 18 at the time. He was very shy as a boy. When he was in 4k his mama had to sit in the hall for him to be willing to stay in class until he and Sherry Blackwell bonded. But then […]

City council apparently in ‘fowl’ mood in approving man’s request

Gaffney City Council on Monday didn’t balk, balk, balk on a request from a city resident to keep hens at his residence. According to an ordinance, city residents must seek a written permit from council to house livestock at a residence. In this case, N. Andrew Cooper was granted the permit to house hens at his residence. “The city council […]

City reduces one fee, initiates another one

The fee to rent the city’s Jolly Park has come down. Gaffney City Council on Monday approved its Police Committee recommendation to lower rental fees for Jolly Park from $500 to $250 for for-profit organizations and from $250 to $100 for non-profits. The purpose of reducing the fees is to encourage organizers to use Jolly Park for more events rather […]

Gaffney City Council members express support for bike-share program

Three Limestone University students have pedaled forward with a plan for a public bike-share program. The bicycle plan gained more momentum at Monday’s city council meeting after a presentation by Limestone University honors students Mason Gilbert, Abigail Smith and Alison Walsh. Gaffney City Council members expressed great support in the bike-share program and agreed to accept the presentation as information. […]

Council takes STEP to improve recreation

Cherokee County Council didn’t hesitate to provide $34,000 in funds for an allinclusive playground located near the Midway Complex in Gaffney. Stephanie Hyleman, founder of S.I.L.A.S Steps, appeared before council Monday to request the funding for fencing and sidewalks to complete work at Hyleman’s Humble Playground. The barrier-free playground area includes swings, slides, seesaws, ramps and lowered play items so […]


Man believes car was stolen to be sold for parts

A Gaffney man claims thieves stole his truck and planned to sale it without his permission. A sheriff’s deputy responded to a Wilkie Road residence April 3 in reference to the recent theft of a 2014 Dodge Challenger. After the police report was filed, the complainant called police to provide information about possible suspects in the vehicle theft. The complainant […]


Raphael Warnock is wrong

The thing about being both well-known and on Twitter, I suppose, is that if you royally, utterly, abysmally blow it, there are no fingers on earth fast enough to delete it before someone screenshots it and saves it in perpetuity. Especially if you send that tweet at the absolute worst possible time. This was certainly the case with Senator Rafael […]


Stop trying to fix yourself

God’s love for me is so powerful, that I am rich in my own way… …and I just wanna THANK HIM for all he has done for me and my family. AND I KNOW A LOT OF MY FRIENDS DID THE SAME THIS MORNING!!! Have a nice day! ************************ It is a wise person who knows when and how to […]